How to benefit from the rise in online shopping in Post-Pandemic Era?


According to research, online sales of goods raked in a record $9.12 billion during the last Black Friday in 2022, a 2.3% year-over-year increase from 2021. Although physical shopping has resumed in force, trends suggests that Covid-19 brought inexperienced demographics into the online shopping fold, with many consumers finding greater product availability and overall convenience through e-commerce shopping.

Market analysts say that online shopping is the biggest beneficiary of the Covid-19 pandemic, with global penetration rates expected to rise from 22% to 27% by 2026.

Do you provide personalized experience to your customers?

This increased emphasis on personalized shopping experiences keeps customers engaged and loyal to your brand. Consumers are transparent about enjoying such experiences, with 49% saying they would likely become repeat customers of a retail brand offering them a personalized experience. By offering personalized customer communications, providing relevant discounts, and engaging with customers through video content and social media, you will deliver a better shopping experience and boost customer loyalty.

The future is here. It is not lightsabers or hover cars, but hyper-convenient e-commerce experiences, where purchases can be made from home with the tap of a screen, which is why integration with an advanced CRM system is vital to any growing e-commerce store wishing to empower its business in capturing more customer data, improving customer experience, and boosting sales performance.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to connect every moment in real time with automation and intelligence, allowing you to build real, lasting relationships at scale. Create a trusted brand that customers love, with features like Channels which allows you to read all information from one single hub and optimize it. Enjoy automation throughout the customer journey, with simple yet effective tools like Smart Segmentation, providing solutions to every day bottlenecks, e.g—if an email isn’t opened, an SMS will be sent.

Utilize data entrusted to you by customer to automate marketing campaigns, using different attributes. Combine online to offline strategies with marketing automation, and see the result in one big picture using CRM and Marketing Cloud.

What sets Salesforce apart from other CRMs?

In addition, Salesforce helps to provide accurate and speedy customer service through the case management application Omnichannel. Connect different channels (Whatsapp, Wechat, SMS, e-mail, etc) and manage multiple channels incoming enquiries to distribute cases to corresponding agents for efficiency and productivity

Understand your customers better with Salesforce’s Centralised Knowledge bank and effective team skill assignment, to help agents resolving clients’ issues promptly and efficiently.

The library with keyword search to help agents on transfer knowledge and increase self-learning, and feed the AI engine with related knowledge based on case type.

What sets Salesforce apart from other CRMs? To put it simply, Scalability – the ability to customise based on your priorities, be it Project Management, Vendor Management, or basic HR. Cultivate a single experience across different functions, tailored to specific requirements in the company—not only for CRM.

Salesforce brings to the table highly customizable flexibility according to the company’s needs, allowing for quick deployment of automated workflows. Easily customizable to fit different attributes, simplifying a huge ecosystem with a lot of products connected together (for example sales, service, marketing, integration, analytics), to create a more manageable experience.

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